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Behaviour Consultations are great for owners experiencing problems with their dogs behaviour. Generally the consultation will take place in the owners home or in the environment where your dog exhibits the unwanted behaviour. 

We will start by having a conversation so that you can explain in depth the issues you are having so that I can get an understanding of what is causing these behaviours. I will explain to you about the psychology of the dog so that you can understand where you may be going wrong and what needs to be done differently.

We will then get into the active part of the consultation where we work through your dog problems. You will learn exactly what is needed to change your dogs behaviour as I work with you and your dog to produce a tailored treatment plan for you to work on in the weeks following our session. 

By the end of the consultation you will have both an understanding  of canine behaviour, specifically how that relates to your own dog, as well as all the practical techniques needed to overcome the undesirable behaviours.

Consultations generally last between 2-4 hours but can continue for as long as long as is necessary.

After the consultation all phone and email support will be free.

Often the initial consultation and subsequent phone and email support are all that is required, however follow up sessions are always available and can be very beneficial. 

I am happy to travel anywhere I am needed.

Initial Consultation Rate: £40/hr

Follow Up Session Rate: £35/hr

Travel will be charged at 40p/mile return from IV7 8GY.