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Residential Training is designed for dogs who need a more intensive approach to behaviour modification. Sometimes the issue is to severe to be resolved in the home environment alone. In these cases dogs will require a stay with me and my own dogs as we work through the unwanted behaviours. 

Your dog will receive individual attention every day, focusing on their specific issues. Not only will we work on the sole problem behaviour but your dog will also learn good house manners, improve their social skills with dogs and other animals, learn how to walk in a relaxed manner, gain more self control and patience  as well as basic obedience. 


Every dog is different which means every program will be different and tailored to your dogs personal needs. This is a kennel free environment so your dog will be learning in a home scenario, living just as my own do.

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During the stay it would likely be beneficial for scheduled sessions with you, the owner, so that we can involve you in the process where needed. At the end of every stay there will be a hand over session at your home to make sure all information and techniques are passed on for you to keep up the work we have been doing. 

Post Residential Training you will be entitled to 4 hours of free follow up sessions to ensure the up-keep of your dogs behaviour. These hours are to be used within one month of your dog returning home. Further sessions will be charged at a discounted rate.

You will be given an estimated length of stay required to achieve the goals you have for your dog but be aware that we will not be able to tell exactly how long will be needed as every dog and every behaviour has it's individual differences. The length of stay is at the sole discretion of the owner.

Prices: starting  from £350/week

*discounts for second dog