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If you have just brought a new dog or puppy into your family then this is the service you need. Often people fail to provide necessary training and structure until problem behaviours arise, but by taking advantage of this service you can set the foundations for a rewarding and long lasting relationship with your new friend.
During the consultation you will learn about dog behaviour and psychology, specifically that of your own dog. As well as being given all the necessary knowledge and information, you will also be equipped with all the skills and techniques needed to put things into practice.
Generally these consultations will last from 2-3 hours but can go as long as required. Follow up visits are also available and can be very beneficial although I do aim to provide you with all the necessary information in the first consultation. 
You will also receive free ongoing phone and email support.
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Initial Consultation Rate: £33/hour
Follow Up Session Rate: £30/hour
Travel will be charged at 40p/mile return from IV7 8GY