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Terms & Conditions of Service

Please read the following carefully and if you have any comments or questions contact us on

These terms and conditions apply to all behaviour and training work carried out with, or on behalf of you, the client, including online, telephone, email and in person advice. Completion of a client booking form and/or taking part in a training or behaviour session will be taken as indication that you accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Acceptance does not affect your statutory rights.

The Dog Life and its representatives will have professional liability insurance cover at all times. We cannot, however accept responsibility for your actions or any actions of, or damage caused by your dog/s, which will be considered at all times to be under your control and under your care.

You (the client) are entirely responsible for the health and welfare of your animal at all times.

Older children and other family members are encouraged to participate in consultations, particularly where they play a role in the day to day life / care of the animal. All participants in the consult and ongoing behaviour work are subject to these terms and conditions. Children must be supervised at all times when interacting with pets or carrying out any of the techniques recommended to you.

The Dog Life accepts no responsibility for loss, injury or accidents that occur to pet, owners or their families, or any veterinary bills or other costs arising from any incident relating to training, equipment or advice given. The ongoing health and safety of the pet and friends/ family members and the public is entirely the responsibility of the owner.

Payment and cancellation policy



Payment for all services is required within 5 days of invoicing, unless otherwise agreed. Payment by bank transfer is preferred however cash is also accepted by pre-arrangement. You will be invoiced post consultation/session, and all charges are given in pounds sterling. The Dog Life reserves the right to charge interest on all unpaid invoices at eight percent per day.


2.1 Cancellation of consultation or session by the client:

i. If a client cancels an appointment 7 days or more prior to arranged service then no cancellation fee will be charged.

ii. If a client cancels an appointment 2- 6 days prior to arranged service then a cancellation fee of 30 minutes at agreed rate of service will be charged. If the client reschedules then the fee will be waived. 

iii. If a client cancels an appointment 48 hours or less prior to agreed service a cancellation fee of 1 hour at the agreed service rate will be charged. If the client reschedules the appointment, the cancellation fee will be reduced to 30 minutes at agreed service rate.

iv. If a client cancels an appointment 24 hours or less prior to arranged service, a fee of 2 hours at agreed service rate for initial consultations or 1 hour for all services will be charged. If the client reschedules the appointment then the fee will be reduced to 1 hour of agreed service rate. 

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