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Making walking your dog a joy!
With The Walk Program you will learn how to master the walk, making it a pleasurable experience for both you and your dog.
If you find walking your dog a chore and struggle with your dogs behaviour when outside then this service is designed just for you. With The Walk Program you will learn exactly where you are going wrong and how to set things straight as well as gaining an incite into dog psychology.
The walk is one of the most important bonding times between dog and owner so learning how to do it properly is going to greatly benefit and enhance the relationship you share with your canine friend.
The Walk Program consists of two or more one hour long sessions in the areas you wish to be able to walk your dog on a daily basis.
Get in touch today and enjoy a lifetime of happy dog walking!
2 Sessions: £70.00
3 Sessions: £100.00
4 Sessions: £125.00
Travel charged at 40p/mile return from IV7 8GY