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Behaviour Consultations are for dog owners requiring assistance with already established behavioural issues. 

I can help to cure any and all behavioural concerns that you may be experiencing, no matter the age, breed of dog or the obscure nature of behaviour in question.

Consultations are designed to give owners a detailed insight into the root of their dogs behaviour as well as an understanding of dog psychology and where things may have gone wrong.

By the end of the consultation owners will feel confident with the new knowledge and practical skills they have gained, ready to improve the bond and relationship they share with their canine companion. 

You will learn to communicate and understand your dog on a deeper level and find out what your dog really needs from you.  

Consultations take place in the clients home. We will begin by discussing the problems you are experiencing. As we discuss the issues I will talk you through what is likely to have caused them and how we need to proceed in order to eradicate those issues. 

After I have gathered enough information and explained the psychology behind your dogs behaviour, the practical part of the consultation will begin. This process will vary from case to case but it is always important that I assess the behaviours in person before I begin to show you how to change these behaviours. 

You will be guided through the approach that needs to be taken post consultation to continue to improve the relationship you share with your dog. 

Behaviour Consultations generally last 2-3 hours but this can vary depending on the severity and nature of behaviour. 

Behaviours commonly dealt with include: aggression towards people; aggression towards other dogs; inter-dog aggression; fears, phobias and anxiety, reactivity, obsessive behaviours; over excitement; separation anxiety; resource guarding; and antisocial behaviour. 

Post consultation, a report will be written up detailing the assessment of your dogs behaviour and the recommendations I made during the consultation. 

Ongoing email and text support will be available where necessary to ensure the treatment plan is being carried out effectively. 

Often the initial consultation and subsequent phone and email support is all that is required, however follow up sessions are available and certainly recommended. 

Consultations are available nationwide subject to travel fees. 



Behaviour Consultation Rate: £65/hr

Evening & Weekend: £75/hr

Behavioural Report: £30 

(If you do not wish to receive a written behavioural report then please let me know at the end of the consultation)

Follow Up Session Rate: £60/hr

Travel is free for the first 5 miles from EH9 2NL

Thereafter a charge of 55p/mile will be applicable. 

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