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10 Years Working With Dogs

About Us


Established in 2014. 

The Dog Life provides behavioural modification and training services to dog owners nationwide. Based in Edinburgh and servicing the whole of Scotland, any dog with any issue is happily welcomed. 

The aim is to achieve happy and fulfilling relationships between dogs and their owners based on trust and respect, using the most natural methods possible.

These methods are effective because they instinctively make sense  to our dogs and allow them to achieve higher levels of contentment within their daily lives. 

endeavour to teach people how to build quality relationships with their dogs in a calm but confident manner. Importance is placed on developing a mental control without the need for physical intervention.

The biggest part of my job is teaching people how to effectively understand and communicate with their dogs, in order to create a more rewarding human-dog relationship. 

I want to leave behind calm and confident dog owners and content, responsive dogs.

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Behaviour Modification

Consultations designed to correct unwanted behaviours in dogs of any age. Read more

Obedience Training

1-on-1 sessions for owners looking to gain a better level of control with their dogs. Read more

Puppy Consultation

Consultations designed to teach owners how to develop a healthy and rewarding relationship with their puppies at an early age.

Read more

Walk Coaching

For owners of dogs without any major behavioural issues but feel their walks are not as relaxing as they should be. Read more

Training Walks

Dog Walking with a difference. For owners who want their dog to be exercised but also improve on their lead walking and obedience at the same time. Read more

Online Consultation

For clients seeking advice and support from the comfort of their own home. Read more

Gift Vouchers

If you have a friend or family member who is struggling to cope with their dogs behaviour or are due to bring a new dog home then these vouchers could make the perfect gift. Read more 


“Hugely insightful and rewarding session. I feel so much more optimistic moving forward ” 

—  Jane Stevens, Inverness





Tel: 07972851327

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