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Training and Behaviour Specialist

Dog Behaviourist and Trainer
About Us

We provide behaviour and training services to dogs and owners all over the country. 

With our comprehensive range of services, there's no canine concern we can't assist you with. From general obedience issues to extreme behaviour modification, we're here to guide you every step of the way!

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Where are you based? We are based in Edinburgh, Scotland, however we travel nationwide providing help forthose in need. Online Consultations can also make a great option for those further afield.

What dogs and behaviours do you work with? Every dog and every behaviour you can think of! From aggressive Chihuahua's to fearful Bullmastiff's, we've got you covered!

What training methods do you use? Our approach tailors training methods to match the unique needs, characteristics and current training level of each individual dog. Grounded in scientific principles, our methods prioritise patience and balance to foster a bond built on trust and respect. We embrace flexibility, avoiding rigid adherence to a single methodology, thus ensuring we can effectively provide help for every dog. The ultimate goal is to empower owners with the knowledge and techniques necessary not only to train their current dog but also to sustain a lifetime of successful dog ownership.

Do you work with puppies? Of course! Whether you are considering bringing a puppy into your home or have already welcomed a new furry family member, our puppy consultations are tailored to meet your needs perfectly.

Is my dog to old too learn? Absolutely not! Although older dogs may have established stronger behavioural patterns due to years of repetition, overcoming these is entirley possible. With patience and consistency, every dog can be trained successfully!

I've tried other trainers, what makes you different? A significant portion of my clients seek help after experiencing unsuccessful outcomes with other trainers or behavourists. First, let me make it clear that there are many excellent trainers out there and many more with the very best of intentions. However, many of todays trainers limit themselves to one restrictive methodology or line of conditioning, thus neglecting those most in need of help. Just as people differ, so do dogs, meaning what works for one may not be optimal for another. If you're dedicated to making change, I'm here to help you achieve your goals!

Dog Behaviour Expert

The Dog Life

Help your dog live their best life

Dog Behaviour and Training Services Edinburgh

Treatment of established behavioural problems

Ages 5 months and over

Suitable for all breeds and all behavioural concerns

Comprehensive behaviour assessment and written report

Dog Behaviourist- Dog Aggression, Dog Reactivity, Fears, Phobias, Anxiety

1-on-1 sessions tailored to the individual needs of you and your dog

Build a more effective relationship with your dog

Take your training to the next level

Suitable for dog owners looking to step up general obedience with dogs that do not display major behavioural issues

Dog Obedience Training Edinburgh

Puppies up to 5 months

2 types of consultation- Pre Puppy and New Puppy Consultation

Comprehensive private session to establish a great relationship with your new puppy and ensure the best possible start

Avoid common mistakes and prevent unwanted puppy behaviours

Puppy Training Edinburgh

2 types of coaching available- dog coaching and owner coaching

For those looking to bring enjoyment back to their dog walks

Lead walking and social interaction for increased structure and mental stimulation

Suitable for all breeds and ages

Dog Walking Edinburgh- Dog Trainer and Behaviourist, Puppy Training
"Can't thank Callum enough with helping our dog who was so scared and anxious regarding going out for walks. Before contacting Callum we tried everything to get her walking outside, including anxiety medication from our vet. 
Callum spent time getting to know our dog and observing her behaviour. We have literally only had two sessions with Callum and our dog is walking again on her lead. We have been provided with advice to carry on the training at home and will have regular contact to see how we are getting on and this is brilliant for us. 
My family can't thank Callum enough for what he has one with our dog."

Margaret Howell, Betty the Jack Russell X Patterdale

Best Dog Trainer in Edinburgh
Dog Behaviour and Training Services Edinburgh


The Dog Life- Training and behaviour Expert
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