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All you need to know for raising the perfect puppy

√ Pre Puppy and New Puppy Consultations

√ Suitable for all breeds and all temperaments

√ Behaviour assessment and written report

√ Build an excellent relationship with your new puppy

√ Follow up sessions and support

Puppy Training Edinburgh

Puppy consultations are perfect for those who have just added a new puppy to their family and wish to ensure they get off to the perfect start or for those seeking to gain valuable insight before bringing their new puppy home. 

You will learn how to build a healthy, rewarding bond from the outset and address your puppy's unique requirements to nurture their development correctly and raise the perfect canine companion.

Puppy Behaviour Help Edinburgh

How does it work?..


To make a booking please complete the booking form using the link below so that we have the necessary details. Once your request is received we will get in touch with you right away in order to arrange a date and time that suits you. 

Puppy consultations are available in two forms: Pre- Puppy Consultation, for those seeking guidance prior to welcoming their new puppy, and New Puppy Consultation, designed for those who have alright brought their new puppy home and are eager to ensure training is done correctly from the get go.

We also offer online consultations via Zoom or Skype!

Puppy Training and Socialising

What is the cost?... To ensure fair pricing for everyone and to reflect the individual nature of each case, consultations are charged at an hourly rate as detailed below. Price List Puppy Consultation: £65/hr Follow-Up Sessions: £60/hr Written Report (Optional): £45 Online Consultations: £60/hr Rate for evening and weekend sessions will include an additional 10% surcharge. Travel charges apply where the total distance travelled for consultation (round trip) exceeds 10 miles. At this point travel will be charged at 60p/mile.

How long will the consultation last?... Duration of consultation varies from case to case but the average puppy consultations lasts around 2 hours. Follow up sessions will usually be shorter, averaging between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes.

What areas do you cover?... There is no limitation placed on the distance travelled for consultaion however travel charges do apply. for those seeking help from further afield, we also offer online consultations via Zoom or Skype.

My puppy is already showing aggressive behaviours, can you help? Absolutely! It is not uncommon for puppies to display aggressive or possessive behaviours t an early age. The consultation will give us the opportunity to address this and ensure it does not progress any further.

Does my puppy need to be fully vaccinated? No, not for the consultation. This will be carried out in the home environment so there is no risk for unvaccinated pups. Should you wish to carry out additional training sessions then this will likely to wait until full vaccination.

What training methods do you use? Our approach tailors training methods to match the unique needs, characteristics and current training level of each individual dog. Grounded in scientific principles, our methods prioritise patience and balance to foster a bond built on trust and respect. We embrace flexibility, avoiding rigid adherence to a single methodology, thus ensuring we can effectively provide help for every dog. The ultimate goal is to empower owners with the knowledge and techniques necessary not only to train their current dog but also to sustain a lifetime of successful dog ownership.

Help for all puppy behaviours
"Can't thank Callum enough with helping our dog who was so scared and anxious regarding going out for walks. Before contacting Callum we tried everything to get her walking outside, including anxiety medication from our vet. 
Callum spent time getting to know our dog and observing her behaviour. We have literally only had two sessions with Callum and our dog is walking again on her lead. We have been provided with advice to carry on the training at home and will have regular contact to see how we are getting on and this is brilliant for us. 
My family can't thank Callum enough for what he has one with our dog."

Margaret Howell, Betty the Jack Russell X Patterdale

Best Dog Trainer in Edinburgh
The Dog Life- Puppy Behaviour Expert


Tel: 07972851327

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