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Puppy Consultations are designed to teach new owners how to raise a happy, confident, well mannered and responsive dog through the potentially challenging stages of puppyhood and adolescence.

Often owners will wait until behavioural issues begin to show before seeking help but by taking advantage of this service you will be able to avoid making the same mistakes as so many others. Prevention is always better than correction. 

Consultations take place in the clients home. 

In this crash course on training the perfect puppy you will be taught how to understand your puppy on a deeper level and create an enriching relationship based on trust and respect. You will learn what it takes to raise a mentally stable young dog that you are able to trust and feel confident with in any given situation. 

You will be taught important body language queues and what they mean as well as develop a deeper understanding into what a puppy really needs from their owner. 

We will cover topic such as early basic obedience, developing patience and self control, how to play effectively, managing teething and puppy biting, teaching attentiveness and responsiveness, teaching your puppy to be independent and relaxed when left on their ow, preventing mouthing and biting, early socialisation and much more. 

Puppy Consultations generally last around 2 hours however this can vary.

Post Consultation you will receive a written report detailing everything that was covered during the session to ensure the training program is followed successfully.

Ongoing email and text support will be available. 

Practical follow up sessions are available and recommended. 

Consultations are available nationwide subject to travel fees.


Puppy Consultation Rate: £60/hr

Evening & Weekend: £70/hr

Post Consult Report: £25

(If you do not wish to receive a written report then please let me know at the end of the consultation)

Follow Up Sessions: £55/hr

Travel is free for the first 5 miles from EH9 2NL

Thereafter a charge of 55p/mile will be applicable. 

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