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1-2-1 training sessions tailored to you and your dog

√ Teach new behaviours and get rid of bad habits

√ Gain confidence and reduce anxiety

√ Allow your dog more freedom

√ Build a healthier, more rewarding relationship with your dog

√ Suitable for all breeds and ages

Dog Training Edinburgh

Our 1-2-1 obedience sessions are the perfect way to bring enjoyment back to everyday dog ownership. Perfect for those looking to gain more control when out in public or simply wanting to add a new dynamic and enhance the relationship they share with their dog. 

These sessions are not for the treatment of major behavioural concerns. For help with troubling or worrying behaviour please see our Behaviour Consultation service.

The Dog Life- Dog Behaviour and Training Expert

How does it work?..


To make a booking please complete the booking form using the link below so that we have the necessary details. Once your request is received we will get in touch with you right away in order to arrange a date and time that suits you. 

If you are experiencing additional behavioural concerns then it may be necessary to carry out a Behaviour Consultation prior to beginning obedience training.

Dog Obedience Training Edinburgh

What is the cost?... Private Obedience Training sessions are charged at an hourly rate of £60/hr. Rates for evening and weekend sessions will include an additional 10% surcharge. Travel charges apply where the total distance travelled for consultation (round trip) exceeds 10 miles. At this point travel will be charged at 60p/mile.

How long will sessions last?... Duration of sessions does vary from case to case, however the average duaration for first sessions is 1 hour 30 minutes, with follow up sessions generally lasting an hour each.

What areas do you cover?... There is no limitation placed on the distance travelled for consultaion however travel charges do apply. for those seeking help from further afield, we also offer online consultations via Zoom or Skype.

Do you work with aggressive dogs?... Absolutely! Aggression is one of the most common probelm behaviours we deal with, however you will require our Behaviour Consultation service for treatment of aggressive behaviours.

Is my dog too old to learn?... Definitely not! While older dogs will likely have had longer to develop negative behaviour patterns, therefore requiring more time and work to make changes this certainly does not mean older dogs can't learn and improve obedience.

What training methods do you use? Our approach tailors training methods to match the unique needs, characteristics and current training level of each individual dog. Grounded in scientific principles, our methods prioritise patience and balance to foster a bond built on trust and respect. We embrace flexibility, avoiding rigid adherence to a single methodology, thus ensuring we can effectively provide help for evry dog. The ultimate goal is to empower owners with the knowledge and techniques necessary mot only to train their current dog but also to sustain a lifetime of successful dog ownership. Obedience sessions are designed to be fun and interactive for both dog and owner.

Private 1-2-1 Obedience Sessions in Edinburgh
"Can't thank Callum enough with helping our dog who was so scared and anxious regarding going out for walks. Before contacting Callum we tried everything to get her walking outside, including anxiety medication from our vet. 
Callum spent time getting to know our dog and observing her behaviour. We have literally only had two sessions with Callum and our dog is walking again on her lead. We have been provided with advice to carry on the training at home and will have regular contact to see how we are getting on and this is brilliant for us. 
My family can't thank Callum enough for what he has one with our dog."

Margaret Howell, Betty the Jack Russell X Patterdale

Best Dog Trainer in Edinburgh
Dog Behaviourist Edinburgh


Tel: 07972851327

For any enquiries, please fill out the following contact form:

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